Friday, June 3, 2011

Crazy for the Canucks

I believe I've mentioned that this city is hockey crazy? I mean, it's gotten to be almost embarrassing to say where we're from. The bus driver wanted us off his tour bus today.

And the best...Todd went to a liquor store, he bought a small bottle of scotch, and was looking for seltzer for me. The saleswoman asked him what he was looking for, and he said mixers, seltzer, club soda, something like that. The lady says "you're not from around here are you? Canadians don't dilute their alcohol. So where are you from?". Todd said "I'd rather not say.". "oh, you must be from Boston! Here for the game?"
"no, we're leaving on a ship tomorrow"
"oh good, then you won't be here for the trouncing!"
So, Todd says " I thought Canadians were supposed to be too polite for trash talking?"
"well, a Boston cop flipped me off outside of Fenway park once, so I don't have to be polite"
She then went off on a rant about how we should be thankful, we owe so much to Jason Bay...he's from her home town. And Bobby Orr...we should thank BC for sending him to us. I told Todd he should have said "yeah, but we have to try really hard not to hold Eric Gagne against you.

Anyways, they are hockey mad here. And as an indication, even the statues are showing their colors.

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