Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eagles, ravens and bears, oh my!

Today we woke up to find we had docked in Ketchikan. I booked us a taxi driver for the day, using "Taxicab tours". Our driver/guide was a pleasant man named David. We were hoping to see totems, scenery and wildlife.

Our first stop was in an area called Herring Cove. When we pulled in, we instantly saw eagles. There were several juveniles, and 3 or 4 adults. They seemed to be interested in something they had found in the creek. Later we were told it was a deer carcass.

I'm really inexperienced at bird photography, but I did get a couple of nice shots.

Well, while we were busy looking at the eagles, this fellow wandered up behind us.

I'd been in Alaska for about 3 hours, and I've seen my first bear! He was a pretty little one, maybe just a yearling.

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