Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seward to Girdwood

Well, we're almost done here, just a few more posts. I'm home already and have to get this finished up.
Thursday night we ate dinner at Rays Waterfront again. Todd's king crab legs the previous night were so good, I just had to have some!

From North to Alaska

Friday we left Seward midmorning, saying goodbye to our accomodations at the Falls House Inn. We really enjoyed our stay at the Falls House. Our room was huge, and quiet. The location is just a few blocks from the small boat harbor, so its a place one could stay without a car.

Leaving town, we stopped at Exit Glacier, and took the short walk around the overlook loop. It was nice to take a walk in the woods, and we got a great view of the glacier. Although we are getting jaded by now...ho-hum, another glacier!

From North to Alaska

After Exit Glacier, we continued on the Seward highway, and took the turnoff for Bear Creek. We heard that it was possible to see salmon jumping in a stream, and so we did!
This is hard to capture in a still photo, but here you go:
From North to Alaska

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