Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gone fishing!

Tuesday was overcast, but we had hopes it wouldn't be as rainy. Because today we headed out on an all day fishing trip. We chartered a halibut/salmon combo through Bob's Trophy Charters. Our captains were Ron and Mark. There was one other couple on the trip with us, Al and Lori from Alberta.

We headed out at around 7AM and headed for the spot to troll for salmon. The seas were calm as glass, and the clouds hung low over the mountains. It's really gorgeous out here on the water, and the camera can't do it justice.

Our first task was trolling for salmon. Our captains rig the poles with lures or bait, and these flashers which hang in the water looking like fish. Then they go very slowly through the area where we think there are salmon. When one of the poles gets a hit, the captain yells "number 3!!!" and one of us will go start reeling in pole 3, hoping there is a salmon.

Lori takes the first one, and pulls in a nice 15 lb salmon. The second bite, I reel in, but it's just a cod, so we throw it back. 3rd hit, and it's still my turn, but this time it's a halibut, and a small one, so back it goes. Another hit, another cod for me. Then I pull up another halibut. I'm tired of reeling now, so the next hit, I yell for Todd to take it. And he starts reeling it in...

Yeah! He's bagged a 20 pound king salmon!

Al tries the next one, and it's a silver salmon,but it gets away before he can land it. The next one is mine, and I reel hard, but the fish breaks the leader and gets away. Since we are using 60lb test line, I'm certain I lost a 61 lb salmon!!

Location:E Bayview Ave,Homer,United States

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