Monday, June 6, 2011

Departure day

Embarkation went quite smoothly. We left our hotel around 11 and got a taxi to go to Canada place. The taxi goes into the underground parking area, where the handlers for princess meet us, and help us tag our luggage, which is then whisked away, not to be seen again until we are in our cabin later that afternoon.

Next we get on what looks like a fairly short line to go through passport control. Only as we come around a corner into a different rom, we see the line actually snakes around in front of us, and fills this second room. Still, there are lots of agents, and they are working very fast. It takes, perhaps, 30 minutes to get through. The next step is to stop and fill out a health questionnaire. Then we come to a Princess desk, where they check us in and give us our cruise cards and room keys.

We wind around another hall, and find yet another line. We are almost to the ship now, but we must first wait to get our pictures taken by the ships photographers in front of a screen painted with scenery of Alaska and our ship. I know they will try to get us to pay $20 later to buy this photo.

Finally, we get to board our ship. We make our way to our miniskirt on caribe deck. We have a nice size stateroom, and a balcony with 4 chairs. We'll be very comfortable here.

We grab a quick lunch in the buffet, and spend some time exploring the ship. The rest of my family boarded a little bit later, having flown into Vancouver just that day. So we were altogether on deck as we sailed away from Vancouver.

This is the Lion's Gate bridge, as the ship passes underneath.

Location:Onboard the Coral Princess

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