Wednesday, June 8, 2011


After our successful wildlife stop, we went on to see the totem parks. First we went to Potlatch Park. The totems here are mostly contemporary. The neat thing here is they have an working carver in residence, and we could watch her totems in progress.

After Potlatch, we went next door to Totem Bight. The setting here, in a bit of rainforest on the water's edge is more dramatic and the poles are more historic.

We finished at the parks, and our driver took us back into town. He dropped us off at Creek Street so we could spend a little time exploring, shopping, and having lunch before we had to reboard the ship. Ketchikan is a charming little town and has some very nice shops.

This is Creek Street:

We had an excellent lunch at a restaurant called Annabelles. We had to have the fish tacos, of course (if you followed our Hawaii blog, you know how we like fish tacos.). We ranked Annabelle's quite high on our list. The chunks of fried halibut were fresh and tasty. They did need a little more spice, and a little more cabbage crunch to be perfect.

We boarded Coral Princess at about 1Pm. Final boarding is supposed to be at 1:30. At 1:40 I got a phone call from passenger services asking if I knew where my brother and his family were, as they had not re-boarded the ship. There was even an announcement over the PA asking them to report to passenger services if they were on board. Fortunately, they did not miss the boat, and came running aboard soon thereafter.

Location:1st St,Juneau,United States

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