Saturday, June 11, 2011

There be whales here!

After we got back from our helicopter excursions, we all met up for lunch. N town. We ate at a restaurant near the base of Mt. Roberts called the Twisted Fish. Halibut sliders with chipotle mayo were delicious. Tasted the halibut tacos too...good flavor and spice, but the fish was crumbled instead of chunks, and too much of it.

Next up, we headed back to Orca to catch a shuttle to the small boat dock to go on our whale watch.

The last time I went on a whale watch, it was also with my brother, sister in law and nephews when they were visiting from Texas several years ago. We left from Provincetown, and we were disappointed as we were totally skunked that day. Not even a fin.

Well, today was not like that.

The amazing thing, to me, is when you go out from Massachusetts, even if you leave from Ptown or Gloucester, it takes a good hour before you are anywhere near where there might be whales. When you leave from Juneau, it takes all of about 10 minutes. And then we were surrounded by maybe half a dozen or more humpbacks. We actually did see a breach (when the whale actually jumps so that the body comes straight up out of the water) but it was at a distance, and I didn't get any photos. I did get a few shots of backs and tail fins though.

We passed a buoy, in which a bunch of stellar sea lions had hauled out and were sleeping

Then they took us a bit further out into the bay, and right into the middle of a pod of orcas!

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