Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dinner in Homer

So our first evening in Homer, we went to a restaurant called Cafe Cups. It's a very small dining room, maybe a dozen tables, and they are all full...well, all but one. We're lucky as we have no reservations, but we get the last table. Very lucky, as this dinner would be unexpectedly delicious. I really wasn't expecting much, just hoping for some nice fresh seafood.

We both started with shellfish. I had local clams and mussels in a basil and walnut cream sauce. Thud clams are tiny cherrystones, and they are wonderful. Todd orders the local oysters, which have been roasted with sage, mushroom and feta. Here they are:

I found out since then, that oysters are not native to these waters. But there is a growing aquaculture industry, and these Kachemak Bay Oysters are the result. In fact, this is the farm where Todd's oysters were grown:

For dinner, I had the grilled halibut, and Alaskan red salmon with a blueberry pico de gallo

And this is Todd's rockfish and local scallops with black sesame teriyaki and green tea noodles.

A note about the beverage (this is for Steve M. If he's reading:) )
All the restaurants around here serve the local beer from Homer Brewing Company. The Homer brews are not bottled, only served on draft, they are unfiltered, and they are cask conditioned. They are also really, really good. Particularly the Scottish red ale, and the porter. Yum! We drank so much wine aboard the ship. That this beer has been a welcome change.

PS it's 9:30 PM as I write this, and it looks like mid afternoon out there. I mean, i think the sun goes down sometime, but I don't really know because sunset is way past my bedtime, and it's back up by the time I get up.

Location:Homer Spit Rd,Homer,United States

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