Friday, June 17, 2011

Leaving Homer

Well, our time in Homer has come to an end. I'm glad we decided to come here and stay put for a few days. We've enjoyed our stay, and managed to relax a bit too.

The Beach House B&B was great. The room was large, and comfortable and the view was unbeatable.

So we load up the car, check out of the inn, and I'm thinking "drat, I'm leaving Homer without seeing a moose". As we back out of our parking spot, I look across the street, and yes this is our actual conversation...
Beth: hey, look at that.
Todd: what?
Beth: That funny looking horse over there.
Todd: that's not a horse, dear

We would see 4 more moose along the highway during the drive to Seward.

We did make a couple stops along the way. In particular, we stopped at a bakery in Soldotna called "the moose is loose", which seems highly appropriate and they make great apple fritters.

It rained the whole day, though, so no good photo ops. I wanted to get some shots of the fishermen lined up on the river to catch salmon, but it was impossible to pull over anywhere to get them. The rivers are a funny green color too. I think it is silt from glacier runoff that makes them so cloudy looking, it's very pretty.

We got to Seward in the late afternoon. We checked into our inn, the Falls House inn, and relax a bit before dinner. Just in time to watch the third period of game 7 of the Stanley cup finals!

Dinner is at Ray's waterfront restaurant, which is awesome. Then its off to sleep, so we can be ready for the Kenai fjord tour the next morning.

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