Thursday, June 2, 2011

First evening in Vancouver

I have to say, Vancouver airport may have the nicest looking arrival area of any airport I can remember. When you walk from the plane to passport control, you go through a "rainforest passage" that is really quite lovely. And immigration and customs was a breeze.

We had dinner last night at a restaurant on the water, near English Bay beach, called Raincity Grill. We almost had a problem getting there when we told our taxi driver we were from Boston...he had the Canucks-Bruins game on in the car at the time, and laughingly said "out of my car".

Our waiter was equally amusing, he said the Bruins management had eaten there the night before, and they took good care of them, because they are Canadian and hence are too polite to tell us what they really think.

Anyways, dinner was really good. I was jet lagged, and forgot to bring a camera for pictures, but everything was delicious and most ingredients were locally raised. We had asparagus and morel risotto, a wonderful duck liver pate, grilled lingcod with herb butter and sautéed kale, and for dessert we all ordered the apricot ice cream sandwich. I was disappointed Todd didn't order the honey creme brûlée so that I could taste it. Te waiter overheard me and brought us an extra dessert so that we could all try it. He called it "bruin's brûlée" and claims it was proof of how polite BC residents can be.

As we left the restaurant we heard cheering from the nearby sports bar. We knew that meant the Canucks had won. In fact, there were people honking their horns and cheering out of their cars for hours after the game ended. And this was only game one! I can't imagine how raucous they will be if the Canucks actually bring home the cup.

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