Monday, June 6, 2011

First sea day

Today is a quiet day. There is not a lot that needs doing, and while there is some scenery in the morning, by noontime, there is not much scenery to see. So today is a day to relax, explore the ship, and indulge. Most of the ladies in my family have made spa appointments in the morning. And 6 of us will attend the wine tasting in the afternoon. In between, everyone is sampling what the ship has to offer. Some are working out in the fitness center, some take in a movie, I attend the naturalist lecture on glaciers. Todd is working on his blackjack skills. As I type this he's up a bit...unfortunately, i'm not allowed to go watch, as he started losing as soon as I showed up.

Because I know I've been lax about the food photos, here is a shot of the canapé selection offered during the wine tasting.

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